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How To Build Your Team

It takes a little work to find great workers.

Follow these tips and pointers to help find people who are both good at what they do and a great fit for your crew.


of job loss is related to attitude or personality1


of younger job seekers use social media in their search2


of millennial rate career growth and development as important3

Recruiting & Hiring Tools

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Hire for Attitude

To find great employees, nothing sets a gold standard better than the HR adage “hire for attitude, train for skills.” It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Here’s How

  • Define what’s important to you — before you look.
  • Talk to your crew about what matters to them, too.
  • Create a job description that doesn’t stop at duties/skills.
  • Add clear detail about qualities that will best fit your team.
  • Think beyond superstars — seek collaborators.
  • Look for the desire to learn and ability to take direction.
  • Have your crew meet potential hires to help gauge the fit.

And through the entire process, remember: skills really can be taught. It’s the attitude that counts.

Know Where to Go

Finding good people can be tough. It may be tempting to rely on your friends and family. While networking is a great strategy, it’s time to broaden the search. Since the majority of job seekers use online resources in their search, here are a few ways to reach them.

Job Boards

Start with It’s one of the largest job board sites in the world.

  • Two million people of all skill levels search Indeed every month.
  • Employers can post job openings for free.
  • You can sponsor job ads to increase exposure.
  • Candidates can apply online with just one click.

Also try: and SimplyHired.

Social Media

Strategic use of social media can help you reach great candidates who are outside of your personal network.

  • Encourage your crew to share updates about openings on the team.
  • Post job openings on your company’s social media channels.

Best for painters: Facebook and Twitter.

Offer Growth Opportunities

You’re drawing from a pool of potential candidates who value growth opportunities almost as equally as their compensation. If you don’t already have a plan in place, here are a few things to add to your benefits package and become a magnetic employer.

  • Empower crew leaders to train and mentor new hires.
  • Find out what types of training opportunities are valuable to your team — and work to make it happen.
  • Encourage team members to own their development.
  • Work with your team to define clear career path options.
  • Check in annually or semi-annually to see how things are going and keep evolving your career planning.

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