Pro Painter Stephanie brushes purple paint onto a wall above a chair rail

Build A Career You Can Be Proud Of

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Experience what it means to be a painter.

Every home, every office, every retail space and every building will be painted and repainted over time. Join the elite group of men and women who transform the world with color, style and skill.

Be A Life-Changer

Beautify a home. Bring an office to life. Add personality to a store front. And transform the world with your first brushstroke.

Be A Craftsperson

Painting is satisfying. Constantly building new skills is rewarding. Tap into the uniquely American pride of creating work with hand-crafted quality.

Be An Expert

Have an eye for detail? This is the career for you. Precision pays off. In painting, the standards are high and your striving for excellence is rewarded.

Imagine what you can do

A painter standing in a suspended scaffold applies white paint to a stone building exterior
A paint crew stands on a ground scaffold and applies red paint to a metal building exterior
A painter brushes red paint onto the top of a Golden Gate Bridge tower

From perfecting the basics to focusing on detail work to exploring extremes, painting gives you a variety of incredible, versatile ways to change the world and make an impression that lasts.

Proficiency counts

A man pours green paint into a nine-inch metal paint tray
A painter holds a brush after dipping it into a gallon of purple paint
A paint contractor carefully brushes white paint onto a large wooden window frame

When it comes to detail work like painting around doorways and chair rails, painting walls without hitting the ceiling, and finishing trim without spilling a drop, the pro touch makes all the difference.

Get prepared to paint your path

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